Privilege of Female Beginners’ Division

We have a division for female beginners who aim to run the full marathon within 6 hours.

Female beginners, who are at least 19 years old on the race day, are eligible to participate.

We would provide a set of privileges to support the runners to finish the race, in collaboratin with RunGirl, female runners produce group which plays an active part in media, fashion, and beauty circles.

For further details, please check the following.

1) You will receive an e-mailing service which helps your practice.  You will get advices for practice from Mrs. Megumi OSHIMA, representative of Sydney Olympics (2000) women’s 5000 meters and Athnes (2004) women’s 10000 meters.  This e-mailing service will start from August to December once a month, in total of 5 times.

2) You can participate in a free training program which is held on September 21.  You can see the details as below.


 Komaba Undo Park (Saitama-shi)    2 chome 1-1 Komaba,Urawa-ku, Saitama


September 21th  9:30-11:00, 12:30-14:00, 15:30-17:00 (3 divisions)  *Up to the first 100 can participate in each division.

Details RunGirl members, including Megumi Oshima will give you a lecture on running form, a practice program to know the pace enough to finish within your reported time, and advice on clothes suitable for the race day and proper diets.
How to participate

After the entry to the Female Beginners’ Division, you can apply the free training program at the entry page (Japanese only).  Please don't forget to choose your favorite division.

3) You will get a special race number bib designed by RunGirl.

4) An aid station will be prepared for the female beginners’ exclusive use at the course.  Rungirl members will give you a hearty cheer!