Race Name 4th Saitama International Marathon
(also serves as
Selection Race of Japan Women’s Marathon Representatives for Doha 2019 World Championships in Athletics / Marathon Grand Championship series 2018–2019
– Selection Race of Japan Women’s Marathon Representatives for Tokyo 2020 Olympics –
Organizers JAAF (Japan Association of Athletics Federations); Saitama Prefecture; City of Saitama; The Yomiuri Shimbun; Nippon Television Network Corporation
Supporting Organizations Japan Sports Agency; Saitama Prefectural Board of Education; Saitama City Board of Education; City of Koshigaya; Koshigaya City Board of Education; Saitama Prefecture Amateur Sports Association; Saitama City Amateur Sports Association; Koshigaya City Amateur Sports Association; Hochi Shimbun; TV Saitama; Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc; FM NACK5.;East Japan Railway Company Omiya Branch; Tobu Railway Co.,Ltd.; Saitama New Urban transit Co.,Ltd.; Saitama Railway Corporation, in planning
Managing Organization Saitama Athletics Association
Special Sponsor Resona Group
Official Sponsor YAOKO CO.,LTD.
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Seiko Holdings Corporation
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
Official Supplier KINKI NIPPON TOURIST Corporate Business Co.,Ltd.
Photocreate Co.,Ltd.
Date Sunday, December 9th, 2018
Division and Time
Elite Division(female) 9:10 Start
General Division(male and female) 9:40 Start
Female Beginners’ Division 9:40 Start
TV/Web Broadcast
Live broadcast on the NTV network (Elite Division)
Broadcast on the CS G+ (Elite Division / General Division)
Web broadcast on the Hulu (All runners’ finishing scene)
Live broadcast on TV Saitama (General Division/ Female Beginners’ Division)
Radio Broadcast
  • Live broadcast on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
  • Live broadcast on FM NACK5
Course Saitama International Marathon course
[Start and finish at Saitama Super Arena / Course is certified by the JAAF, IAAF, and AIMS]
The record (20 km, a half, 25 km and 30 km besides full marathon) is authorized, when the athlete, registered with the JAAF 2018, ran the whole distance.
<Elite Division>
  1. Invited athletes
    Female athletes invited by the JAAF and race organizers.
  2. General runners(female)
    • Applicants must be at least 19 years of age on the day of the race and must be JAAF-registered athlete for the year 2018.
    • Female athletes must meet the designated time standard as follows. Qualifying times must be run on or after December 1st, 2016 at certified races.
      (1) marathon: 3 hours 30 minutes or faster
      (2) half-marathon: 1 hour 35minutes or faster
    • Female Athletes recommended by the JAAF and the organizers
<General Division>
  • Male and female at least 19 years old on race day, capable of completing the race within 6 hours.
  • Athletes registered with the JAAF 2018
  • Athletes not registered with the JAAF 2018
<Female Beginners’ Division>
  • Female at least 19 years old on race day, aims to finish the race within 6 hours.
  • Athletes registered with the JAAF 2018
  • Athletes not registered with the JAAF 2018


*Enable to apply only for full marathon and 8km Race.

Competition Rules The races will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IAAF, the JAAF and the Race Organizer.
IAAF Road Race Label Regulations also apply to the Saitama International Marathon 2018, which has been certified by the IAAF as a Silver Label road race.
Capacity /
Application /
Entry Fee
Elite Division
Application: August 1st (Wed) – September 7th (Fri)
Entry Fee (tax incl.): 10,800 yen

* Capacity is unlimited.

General Division/Female Beginners’ Division
Capacity 16,000
General Division
City of Saitama residents’ priority entry:
May 9th (Wed) – May 13th (Sun)
Saitama Prefecture residents’ priority entry (up to 1,000 runners):
May 14th (Mon) – May 16th (Wed)
General Entry:
May 21st (Mon) ~
*Each category start at 12:00.
Female Beginners’ Division
May 21st (Mon) ~
*start at 12:00.
Entry Fee (tax Incl.) 15,000yen
Competition regulations

1) Due to traffic and security restrictions as well as operational reasons, race course will be closed at the checkpoints. Running will not be allowed if he/she considerably falls behind.

2) Runners who do not meet the cut-off time or who are ordered to stop the race will remove the number card and board the designated sweep bus.

<Elite Division> Overall top 8th female finishers
<General Division> Overall top 8th male and female finishers
Number Card and Measurement chip Details, including number bib pick-up, will be sent to registered e-mail address.
Privacy Policy

1) The organizer and the host company abide by all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information and adhere to the personal information protection policy when handling personal information. The organizer may use personal information for the purposes of preliminary qualification examination, preparation of the race program, results announcement, and delivering relevant information about official website, event operation and athletic sports.

2) The race is broadcast on TV and distributed its video on the internet.

3) The organizer, the host company and the third parties approved by the organizer and the host company may post videos, photographs, articles, individual records related to the race on media such as advertising materials including the race program and posters, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet by way of operating and promoting the event.

Doping Control Test
1) Doping Control
Doping control is conducted in accordance with IAAF Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations and Japan Anti-Doping Code. A urine and/or blood sample may be taken for the test before or after the race. Follow the instructions of the physician in charge. Qualified personnel will conduct the tests according to instructions. Athletes not registered with the JAAF must follow the same procedures.
Please bring ID card with face photograph; student card, driver’s license card or copy of passport. They are required if the athletes is requested to examine the doping-test.
2) Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
Competitors who must use prohibited substances or methods described on the International Standard Prohibited List, for the therapeutic treatment of illness are required to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption.
  1. No refunds of entry fees will be given in the event of the race’s cancellation due to reasons beyond the responsibilities of the organizers.
  2. Organizers will not perform health examinations. It is the responsibility of each runners to ensure that they are in sufficiently good health to participate.
  3. Organizers will provide First Aid for accidents that occur during the race but do not assume subsequent responsibility.

Saitama International Marathon HQ